Marius PETER
Aerospace Systems Engineer

I'm a junior aerospace engineer with experience in aviation subsystem design and testing in Agile environments; American and European aerospace certification standards; V&V test bench construction, management, and operation.



B.S. Aerospace Engineering—UCLA

<Sep 2014>–<Sep 2019>

  • Bachelor of Science, Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering
  • Technical breadth: Technology & Management
  • Electives: Biomechanics, RFID in manufacturing & supply chain

Professional Experience

V&V Engineer—Thales, Paris

<Feb 2022>–Present

  • Performed functional testing on radio communication products
  • Supported integration and verification activities
  • Wrote and performed test procedures

Systems Engineer—Safran Cabin, Los Angeles

<Nov 2019>–<Sep 2021>

  • Lead a team of five to build a full-scale System Test Rig for a complete Water & Waste System
  • Managed the outsourcing of the LabVIEW software used for rig control and data acquisition recording
  • Lead AS9100 pre-audits in engineering workspaces; 20% savings on engineering tooling budget
  • Drafted over ten procedures for rig operation, EH&S best practices, and instrument calibration scheduling
  • Presented all live rig demos to visiting leadership; every demo executed flawlessly

Business Analyst—Cosmo Tech, Lyon

<Sep 2017>–<Dec 2017>

  • Learned tools & methods of Model-Based System Engineering for complex system management (transportation networks, patient triage, electricity grid…)
  • Benchmarked Shop Floor Control and Final Assembly Line sim tools to better pitch our product
  • Secured funding from Airbus after presenting a proof of concept for their digital continuity strategy

Assistant Electronics Engineer—CERN, Geneva

<Jun 2015>–<Jul 2015>

  • Learned concepts of Hardware Description Languages and embedded application development
  • Developed a user interface for a DAQ device running embedded ARM Linux
  • Upgraded FPGA data acquisition systems from CLIs to GUIs

Intern—Alcatel Submarine Networks, Saclay

  • Assisted Product Line Manager in benchmarking ASN's offer against competitors

Leadership & Projects

Seed LA—Pro bono sustainability consulting

<Sep 2021>–<Dec 2021>

  • Surveyed and selected fundraising opportunities for environmental advocacy groups
  • Advised clients on best practices for grant tracking and partnership management
  • Outlined a holistic fundraising strategy for 2021 Q4

Design-Build-Launch—UCLA Senior capstone competition

<Apr 2019>–<Jun 2019>

  • Designed, manufactured, tested and did flight analysis of a model rocket, in teams of four
  • As manufacturing lead, used the following:
    • tools
      • mill
      • lathe
      • 3D printer
    • materials
      • fiberglass
      • carbon fiber
      • aluminum
  • Our team won on all criteria:
    • maximum apogee
    • intact payload
    • flight prediction

Aircraft Studio—Python, NACA airfoil generator

<Apr 2019>–<Dec 2020>

  • Initial goal: optimize the weight of FAR 23 compliant NACA airfoils using a Monte Carlo simulation
  • Ultimate goal: develop a beginner-friendly aircraft creation suite, driven by a genetic algorithm

Engineering Toolbox

Aerospace standards

System development tools

System troubleshooting tools

  • RCCA
  • A3 reports
  • Five Whys
  • Fishbone diagram

DAQ & data science tools

  • LabVIEW
  • Other DAQ

Programming tools

  • Linux (server and embedded)
  • Git
  • Jira
  • Vim
  • Emacs
  • Eclipse


  • Verilog
  • C
  • Python
  • Lisp

Communication protocols

Skills, Languages, Interests


  • Project management
  • Requirements elicitation
  • V&V
  • 5S
  • Six Sigma


  • Tools
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Google Docs
    • LaTeX
  • Best practices
    • Pervasive documentation
    • Acute brand awareness


  • Bilingual: French/English
  • Proficient: German
  • Intermediate: Chinese
  • Beginner: Russian


  • Free software
  • Web developement
  • Languages
  • Chess
  • Motorcycle


  • Gym
  • Rowing
  • Paragliding


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